Are Dental Implants Safe In Pregnancy?

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You require the replacement of one or more teeth, but you are expecting a child. Is it secure? Will you hold off? While getting therapy as soon as possible is important to prevent jawbone damage, you might need to wait until a better time to protect your unborn child. A local implant dentist provides general advice regarding dental implants during pregnancy.

What Do the Experts Say?

According to the expert at The Smile Surgeon Clinic Faridabad, the best Dental Implant Clinic in Faridabad, it is strongly advised that women should wait until after a baby is born to undergo the surgical placement of dental implants. This type of tooth replacement technique is regarded as elective surgery and should be avoided, even though routine preventive care is advised.

The use of anesthetic and dental x-rays is the cause. Most oral surgeons and regular dentists avoid taking digital photographs during the first trimester due to the potential risk. Despite the fact that local anesthetic may be risk-free during these nine months, an implant dentist may be required to use a more potent anesthetic to install dental implants, making it dangerous for both the mother and the unborn child.

Potential Issues That May Develop

Hormone levels may make it challenging to get dental implants when there is already a higher risk for gum disease due to the many changes a woman experiences during pregnancy. During this time, you can continue to take charge of your oral health by brushing and frequently flossing to prevent bacterial growth that results in gum inflammation and bleeding.

Also, keep in mind that antibiotics are frequently advised when dental implants are in place. Many of these drugs are contraindicated during pregnancy out of concern for the unborn child. You may be at risk for dental implant failure should an issue or an infection develop, which might cost you more time and money.