Invisible Braces – Invisible Teeth Straightening – How Do They Work?

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People with uneven or crooked teeth frequently question what kind of orthodontic procedures are available to straighten them. There are a few factors to take into account while weighing your options, such as the length of the therapy, the cost of the invisible braces, and the length of the treatment.

Similar to traditional wire braces, invisible teeth straightening use controlled force applied in the right places to gradually shift teeth into the desired straight position. With each step of treatment, various teeth may be shifted, or a different approach of distinct forces may be used with wires, brackets, or aligners.

One of the most widely used collections of transparent, removably aligned teeth is Invisalign. In the course of your treatment, you change once every two weeks. Your teeth will progressively move into their final, straight position as a result of the force each aligner exerts on them. They are essentially clear, removable aligners for the teeth. It is advantageous for individuals who are highly mindful of wearing metal braces that are very plainly evident that they are not very easily visible to the naked eye.

Your dentist will determine after speaking with you whether you are a good candidate for Invisalign and then create a set of clear aligners specifically for you.

  • They will take a few X-rays, dental imprints of your teeth, and photographs of your face and teeth for your records.
  • After getting the records, they are transmitted to Invisalign along with specific instructions on how to shift the teeth.
  • Following the scanning of your impressions to create a 3D model, the teeth are gradually pushed into the desired position.


These must be worn for 20 to 22 hours every day, and a fresh set is provided every two weeks. This amount of time spent wearing your aligners will aid in the teeth moving into the desired position. Your teeth will eventually move into a more visually attractive position as a result of this procedure. If the correction is easy, the treatment is frequently finished in three or four trays, so by the time you receive your fourth tray, your teeth will be nearly straight and will be entirely straight once the last tray is removed. The final trays are followed by retainers.

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