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Dental Invisible Braces Treatment in Faridabad

We are proud to say that we are certified providers of Flexalign Invisible Braces. At The Smile Surgeon Clinic Dental and Facial Cosmetic Clinic, we believe that our patients deserve the best treatments at affordable costs. Gone are the days of metallic braces. With clear aligners, you can comfortably have your teeth straightened without the embarrassing appearance of braces! Clear aligners are virtually invisible so you can comfortably take selfies and be a part of photographs without worrying about hiding your smile.

Our aligners treatment starts at as low as Rs. 35000. The actual costs vary according to the number of aligners required.

Invisible Braces Cost

If you are looking for Invisible Braces in Faridabad, you have come to the right place. Invisible braces are a great way to get your smile back on track. You can remove them whenever you need to eat or drink. The recommended wearing time is 22 hours per day. You can even take them off to brush your teeth. Invisible braces are more affordable than regular braces. They’re more affordable than traditional metal ones, and they’re removable. You can remove the aligners for cleaning and eating. You can enjoy the benefits of Invisible and Clear Aligners while you wait for results.

The cost of Invisible braces in Faridabad is lower than that of traditional braces. It’s a more convenient option for busy adults, and they don’t require extra trips to the dentist’s office. Invisible braces are also less expensive than their metal counterparts. You’ll spend less time in the dental chair and can still enjoy your new smile in the comfort of your home.

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Teeth Straightening has many health

  1. Better smile means better confidence
  2. Better chewing efficiency
  3. Better speech
  4. Prevents jaw joint pains
  5. better cleaning of teeth
  6. Better oral hygiene and health

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