Wisdom Teeth Problem

The Safest Wisdom Tooth Management System in the World

SafeSurgery for Wisdom Teeth- The Piezoelectric Way

Wisdom teeth can hurt for a variety of reasons. They are improperly positioned, infected, broken or unerupted or partially erupted.The wisdom tooth problem is highly common and as an oral surgeon i recommend their removal early in life. 

There have been several studies determining the quality of life index after third molar surgery and it turns out that without third molars, people tend to have fewer dental issues. Most notably, it prevents the decay of the second last molar tooth due to food lodgment when the third molar itself is removed.

How Do We Manage Third Molars?

In the recent time people shifted from chisel and hammer to drills and syringes. 

However we went one step further and incorporated piezoelectric bone scalpel system in our practice.

It is the safest method of wisdom tooth management in the world. The biggest advantage is that this scalpel can only separate the structures that we need to cut. Even if it touches an important anatomical structure such as a nerve or artery, it doesn’t cut it at all!

Piezo Surgery is a recent innovation in oral surgery and is an excellent alternative to conventional drills and syringes. 

Moreover, the patient is most comfortable and there is lesser post operative pain and swelling.

So for Wisdom tooth troubles we are the best wisdom tooth problem solvers in Faridabad and even Delhi NCR